Caera (green_kiwigirl) wrote,

Subject-less. I am made of boring.

I am sooo sunburnt. Woe.

I am also a procrastinator. Still have to do this damn visual project for school. The thing is, we're supposed to represent a character, and my character is a tad disorganized and lazy, so I want to make the poster look a bit like a mess– crooked and the like – but I know my teacher will just think I slapped it together at the last second and give me a negative grade or something.

Oh, and random: Did you people know there was some law that got rejected recently in one of the Carolinas – can't remember which – trying to ban unmarried couples from living together? o.O The fact that something like that was even up for consideration scares me.

Pretty boring post. I'm going to stop waffling on. Really. I am. I'm not avoiding schoolwork, honest. ::shifty eyes::
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