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Fic for violet451's Birthday

I wrote a drabble fic for violet451, ladytory's sister, for her birthday. It's Lupin/Tonks.

Andromeda Tonks was about as much as a black sheep as you can get. Sandwiched between two sisters – both cruel and cold, typical Blacks – she had developed a sort of rebellious nature, to say the least. Unlike most of her family, she posessed a fair mind, a sense of humour that did not involve hurting small animals, house-elves, or those of non-Magical blood, and an ability to look at others without the expression of having smelled something foul.

So why, Nymphadora Tonks wondered angrily, did she have to inherit the completely, utterly annoying and ridiculous penchant for stupid, mile long names?

She remembers being four, when all her friends would proudly display their colorful, loud scribbles, bearing their names in bold lettering. ANNE or ERICA or EMMA, LISA or ELLA or ROSE.

Tonks couldn't spell her name until she was six years old.

"Nymphadora, honestly !" she muttered, kicking petulantly at the covers.

A strong arm snuck around her, pulling her closer. "Not harping on about your name again, dear, are you?" A low whisper in her ear, throaty and rough with sleep.

She pouted. "No."

"Alright then. Go back to sleep, love."


A pause.

"But Remus. We are definitely naming the baby Mary."
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