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H/Hr rant

I have got to stop coming across militant H/Hr crap. They get me so mad! My God. You know what, I have to rant about this a bit.

To all the "Bickering doesn't equal love" comments I've seen around: There are many different types of couples. I would never, ever say only couples who argue are healthy. I would never say a couple more like Harry and Hermione than Ron and Hermione would be "teh evilest, most disasterous relationship evah." That is ludicrous. There is not one way to love in this world: to say R/Hr is wrong is disrespectful to many people out there who have such bickering relationships, and to people who believe there are many different ways to have healthy relationships.

But basically, it all comes down to this: It can be debated whether Harry and Hermione are "compatible". It can be debated whether or not Ron and Hermione are more "compatible". That's because people have different ideas of this. But...

It cannot be said that Harry and Hermione belong together. Just because you think they're compatible doesn't mean they should get together. Why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO BE. There are plenty of compatible people (though I don't think Harry and Hermione are compatible at all... but that's another story) that have no interest in each other.

People belong together only if they want to be. The end.

Now, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I had to get that all out.

What inspired all this? An icon. Yep, an icon.¤t=6851462.gif

How do I like them apples? I think it's disgusting that someone would use the horrible disaster of deforestation in a gleeful, haha!proved you wrong way. And it's a pretty pitiful comeback anyway.

Meh. Maybe I'm overreacting. But you do NOT mess with my trees. I'm such an eco-freak it's not even funny. Besides, WWDMS? (What would Dom Monaghan say?)
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