Caera (green_kiwigirl) wrote,

Astoria is teh Evil

L and S, my lovely downstairs neighbors, who everyone in the whole friggin' world wishes would just get a goddamn divorce already, are having a huge fight; screaming and cursing and the whole shebang. Seriously, I give them another minute or so until they start throwing things. (This is lovely, especially when I have a six page paper due tomorrow which I haven't even started. Yes, I'm such a procrastinator. LJ doesn't help.)

My whole neighborhood of Astoria is so weird suddenly. My mum and I caught our landlord trying to sneak in our house when we came back from dinner. He's such an incredibly nosy person– it's mind-boggling, really. And of course when we confronted him, that's when he suddenly doesn't understand more than ten words of English so he doesn't have to deal with what's happening. He's such a liar...

Bleh. And it started out such a good day. *grumbles*
Tags: rants
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