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From browneydweasley Ten words starting with a certain letter and what they mean to you... You ask me, I give a letter to you, and you write your own.

1.) Maria– Girl with whom I had the first friendship that went sour. Not just that it fell apart or we lost touch, but ended quite nastily. This is such a negative thing, but it was the first time I learned that people can pretend to be nice and talk about you behind your backs.

2.) MudPuddle– Stuffed dog toy which I adore(d) and was given to me when I was an ickle seven year old by a very close friend. (Obviously not Maria.)

3.) Math– I never minded it, but as I currently have a teacher who doesn't really speak English, now it is TEH EVIL.

4.) Men– Erm, does it need an explanation? ... For one, they're the gender I'm attracted to. Second, there have many of them in my life. My dad is a very good example of one. *is captain obvious*

5.) Music– I love it, I couldn't live without it, I'd hate being deaf.

6.) Muslim– I am not Muslim, but one of my favorite teachers I ever had is, as well as quite of few of my closest friends. I get very defensive when people stereotype them or insult the religion, something that happens quite a lot with the current political situation.

7.) Missing Moments– some of my favorite fanfics are these.

8.) My mom– Mixed feelings on her. I love her, but I'm not always sure if I like her. Can drive me batty and act completely insane!

9.) Monologues– What I do on auditions and thus how I get work. :D

10.) MuggleCast– Andrew=Love, or, depending on my mood, Eric=Love. Ben's Impressions=Love. Jamie's Accent=Love. Laura=Cool, Hermione-like voice of reason and logic. Whole podcast=Love. Go listen!

If anyone wants a letter, I promise I won't give you Q... Or will I? *cackles*

Okay, I've had far too much sugar today. I'm bouncing up and down here!
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That was fun...I'm so glad you wanted to play. What a great way to get to know your friends!
Ermm, ok. I'll bite. Give me a letter *grin*

REally interesting Meme. It is a great way to get to know new friends... and old :)
Sure... hmm... Okay, I give you the letter "T"! Have fun :D