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Happy Almost Halloween!!! I'm not going to be able to post tomorrow, so it's in advance.

Firstly– Bellbottoms. Why did they ever go out of style? They are awesome!

Secondly– I'm a hippie..... For Halloween, of course. Whether I am in real life is debatable.

Thirdly– My school is all play and no work lately. There was a dance last week. Lots of snogging and dirty dancing. All anyone talks about is the snogging. And the dancing. And who did what to whom. And soo many people are breaking up because they went crazy and cheated on each other at the dance.

Fourthly– My friends are ninjas wearing rollerskates, the Spice Girls, and "a brain on drugs"! (I am eagerly awaiting seeing that last one.) Also, Marie Antoinette and a dead Iraqi soldier.

Have a great Halloween!
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