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Book 7

None of this is at all set in stone and I'm not sure of it, but still, cut for spoilers just in case. I dunno. Anyway, It's about who dies in Harry Potter and the ???????.

During JK's reading, the question was asked which characters she would have over for dinner if she could. She replied "Harry, to apologize" and then "Ron and Hermione". At this point people started shouting out characters and she said "But I know who dies". Then, as if realizing this implies the ones she'd already mentioned live, she added Dumbledore and Hagrid.

Now, there is also the fact that Emerson from Mugglenet said that back before HP became famous, JK was asked by a kid if the trio survive the series– and she said yes. Of course, she did say recently she killed off two she didn't expect to– but she mentioned it as if the two deaths had caused slight alterations to the epilogue. I think any of the trio dying would cause at least a few chapter's rewrites, don't you?

In conclusion, it has always been my belief that the trio will live. And, by golly, now here's a bit of evidence to make that case. (Ignore the fact that I said "by golly" and try to think more OMG! TRIO LIVING!)

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So any guesses what she's going to be apologizing to Harry for exactly?
Just for all the *#%$ she's put him through, I think. :)
Well, she's said before that she'd like to apologize for "everything she's put him through." I think, just in general, she'd apoligize for... everything.
I don't see her killing off the Trio. Despite all her threats, they have to live. It's still a children's series and there's been traumatic deaths a plenty. So having the hero and his 2 best friends triumph, well, it makes sense.

I think Ginny's safe too.

I don't know in what condition any of them will be i.e. if they'll be unscathed, but they'll be alive and well.

I suspect Snape is going to die redeeming himself and proving he was a good guy after all. I have no idea who else she's going to off. I'm praying the Weasleys are immune (other than Percy) but who knows. She's done so little with Charlie that I won't be shocked if he suddenly turns up dead before the wedding or something. (Of course, if the bride winds up dead before the wedding, I would be very happy. ;))
I agree. I think the trio and Ginny will live. But they might be scathed. It's odd, everyone seems to be assuming the characters will die or they won't– it's very black and white. You never know, Ron might... lose an eye, Hermione could never walk again, Harry could lose a finger when it's bitten off by a creeping ring-seeking... oh, wait, wrong fandom. :D

I dunno if all the Weasleys will make it, but I think Bill will be okay. Something about the fact that he's already gone through a major life changing injury makes me think he's okay. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Charlie got it– I think I'd actually be less sad if he died than if Percy did. I guess it has to do with that we don't really know Charlie.

Fleur dying... ha, I bet you'd like that. Maybe Tonks could fill in at the wedding, eh? ;p
See, that's my feeling. That they may (and probably will) sustain some sort of permanent injuries but they'll live. I can't see her letting Harry live but dealing with the death of his girlfriend as the end of a kid's book. And Ron and Hermione would be scarred without one another. So...yeah. Definitely. I'm wondering if Harry's going to lose his ability to do magic or something. We'll see.

I think that might be why we'll lose Charlie -- she seems to not know what to do with him so, yeah, 'oh, he can be the one who dies' although it would be more poignant if it was someone we knew. I can see Percy having to die for his hubris too. But she seems to like to let those sorts go off unpunished (i.e. Umbridge) which is really unrealistic too. I do agree about Bill -- if she was going to kill him off, she could have (and should have) killed him at the end of HBP. I still am hoping that there's more to him being a woof-boy than just "oh, he's got scars and likes rare meat, tee hee" because otherwise, it's really a pointless thing.

As for Fleur, eh. If she wasn't so annoying and incompetent and yet another example of JKR's really ambivalent attitude about strong women (it seems like if you're a smart, capable character you can either a) give it all up and become a wife/mother or b) be a spinster. There's no middle ground), I might like her. I just see her as a not-very-funny French joke.

Hey, I'd love it if my OTP got together although my opinion doesn't count for much. Esp. when doing so might take her out of the above situation -- she also became a pathetic girlie girl who couldn't do very much because she couldnt go out with her boyfriend. *sigh*
I agree about the strong woman thing. Sometimes I think that Jo chooses to make her "strong girls" (i.e. Hermione, Ginny) seem stronger by surrounding them with idiot girls. Honestly, most of the more minor girls that actually feature quite a lot in the books are very silly: Romilda Vane, Parvati, Lavender, Padma, Pansy. The Hufflepuff girls seem like quite good examples of nice, normal, non-idiot girls, but they don't get much attention. I mean... Hermione would not be any less of a strong character if she were surrounded by normal girls, not airheads.

Fleur... meh. I don't really hate her, she has her good moments, but she seems to require a life-or-death situation to bring out any depth in her. Her best moments have been when she thought Gabrielle was dying, and when she was afraid Bill was dying/when he was hurt. In normal, everyday stuff, she's just... I dunno. Snobby, a sex symbol, and, yes, a French joke.
I agree about the strong woman thing. Sometimes I think that Jo chooses to make her "strong girls" (i.e. Hermione, Ginny) seem stronger by surrounding them with idiot girls. Honestly, most of the more minor girls that actually feature quite a lot in the books are very silly: Romilda Vane, Parvati, Lavender, Padma, Pansy. The Hufflepuff girls seem like quite good examples of nice, normal, non-idiot girls, but they don't get much attention. I mean... Hermione would not be any less of a strong character if she were surrounded by normal girls, not airheads.

Exactly on all of them. Lavender really bothers me because they didn't seem that ditzy prior to this and then in HBP, all of a sudden she's uber-airhead. She could've still been Ron's girlfriend without being completely stupid.

I got really annoyed by JKR's comment this week about how Hermione would see herself wrapped around Ron in the Mirror of Erised -- and nothing else. So the only thing the Cleverest Witch Of Her Time wants out of life is a boyfriend? *sigh*

I dislike Fleur, I guess I sort of love to hate her. I just really wish she was less of a joke and more of a worthy character. She was consistently stupid and clueless all the way through. If she was the best Beauxbatons had to offer for a Champion, they're pretty lame. She's only working part time so she can improve her English and then...what? She'll stay at home and have babies? Wouldn't it have been nice if she did something useful? She's not even in the Order.

Sorry, it's just a rant that's too easy to fall into. And yeah, I wish that it didn't require the life-or-death situation to bring out any sense of humanity in her. :)
Yeah, Lavender is sort of the perfect example of how... one dimensional the side HP girls tend to be. It felt like a fanon cliche– the possesive girlfriend from hell! I'd feel bad for her, because Ron did not treat her right at all, but there's no point to it really. She's such a stereotype, so flat, you can't really feel sorry for her because she's not in any way a person.

Eh, I wasn't actually too bothered by that JKR comment, because she also said Hermione would see the trio safe and war over, which I think is the most important thing now. I picture her seeing all three of them, and she and Ron are holding hands or something– because at the moment, that's what she's thinking about, being with those she loves. I bet, after the war is over, and she's with Ron, she'd see herself doing something intellectual and brilliant.

Oh, that Fleur. I was a bit surprised Bill fell for her.I suppose we're supposed to think he sees the true side to her. I mean, she is a decent person underneath it all... but, like I said, it takes a crisis for her to show it. I really can't imagine her being so different around Bill.

I really didn't think he was that shallow, because I've always liked Bill. He's very intelligent without being uptight like Percy. So, yeah, I was a bit surprised they were getting married.

It is an easy rant to fall in to, don't apologize. :D
The one dimensional thing does drive me nuts. I've been ranting about how we still don't know what size/shape/colour most of the girls are either -- what does Lavender look like? Katie Bell? Alicia Spinnet? It's nuts. Harry's friends with them for 6 years and yet there's no description at all. *sigh* And I do feel sorry for Lavender despite it all -- I wrote a Ron/Lav fic for an exchange where I tried to give her a little dignity back.

I didn't hear about the Trio part so I stand corrected. I'd only heard the Ron-shippy part and it really bothered me. Because it's like Tonks in HBP -- utterly useless. LOL I do want Hermione to go on to do something good -- she doesn't have to be the Minister of Magic but it would be nice to think she's not just cooking and cleaning for Ron. *sigh*

Heh heh, don't start with me on Bill. I've got all sorts of theories about him, none of them good (at least in canon). I even wrote a story about how the wolf-curse made him immune to Fleur's Veela powers and he realised she wasn't the girl for him. Yeah, I'm mean. I don't think I'd care if we'd seen a better side of her in HBP but she was so rude, so unlikeable and so..ugh that the little reveal at the end just didn't ring true to me. I know there are people who defend her and say Molly was at fault -- she wasn't very fair but it's not as if we saw Fleur ever try to win her over. All she did was bitch and moan and complain about everything -- just like she did in the past. It just would've been nicer if she'd gotten along with someone. Ah well.

This is one of the reasons I still wonder if they'll live happily ever after. Although I suspect they will. Feh. ;)
It would make life easier if Jo would describe some of the girls– honestly, I'm sick of hearing the debate about whether Lavender is blonde or black. People are getting offended for no reason – I've seen some "What, you don't want her to be black?" comments, or "That's stereotyping blondes!"

When you think about it, basically all the guys in HP have their looks described. It is weird that Alicia and Katie have gotten nothing.

Ugh. Hermione would never be happy cooking and cleaning, and I doubt Ron would want her to do so. I've heard a lot of arguments that he expects her to be like Mrs. Weasley – mainly from H/Hr shippers – but there's no way he doesn't think Hermione is going to go on to have a sucessful career. He knows she's intelligent.

Yeah, the ending scene with Fleur was... odd. That line "I am good looking enough for the both of us", I was kind of like... whaa? And her whole thing about that the scars show he's brave... dunno. It seemed off.

Naw, you're not mean. I kind of like that idea, actually!

Hmm. I think that Molly and Ginny would probably be mean to whomever Bill (who seems to be Ginny's favorite brother, and the first born son) gets engaged to. But I doubt they'd be that horrible. They'd probably have made an effort if Fluer hadn't been all "Zis 'ouse 'as nuzzing but chickens and derrty dishes." She was just a snob.


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My bet's on the Trio & Ginny making it through -- anyone else, all bets are off, unfortunately. There are probably going to be at least half a dozen well known characters biting the dust in book 7, I'd guess.
You know, I'm pretty much okay as long as those guys make it through. I'd be quite sad to see Mr. or Mrs. Weasley or McGonagall or Lupin go– but, well, I'd just be so grateful the trio live I probably wouldn't cry... that much.
I agree with you about the Trio making it...

I have my theories and such about who I think will get bumped off, and I've written them down somewhere. I'll have to dig them up at some point.
Oh, do dig them up! I wanna know who you think'll go. I'm thinking Snape, myself... Maybe McGonagall... Hagrid... Flitwick... probably at least one Weasley (*sniffle*).
I think they're in my car, actually (back of the sketch book, you see), but I think I can remember most of them. I just have a running list of maybes and reasons.

Remus- last connection to parents *sniffles*
Mrs. W (;_;)- Last parental figure
Percy- as he is a complete twat AND in the government, which is dumb
Snape- *hates upon*
Draco- also a twat. May get redeemed. Doubt it though. Voldiepants will probably kill him...
Maybe Hagrid, HOPEFULLY NOT McG. I like her... Um... Dobby? Trewlaney (Voldiepants will find out she made the thingy and try and get her to repeat it maybe?)

Um......... that's it I think.
Noooooooo! Not Lupin! And not Mrs. Weasley! Then Ron'll be too sad to marry Hermione, heh. (BTW, do you think that people will actually be marrying each other in the epilogue?)

I don't really care if Hagrid dies, nor Dobby (I've always found him kinda annoying), nor Trelawney, nor Snape. I might be a little more upset with Draco, even though I don't like him AT ALL. He's just too young. It's sad.

But for some reason, I'd be a tad sad if Percy died. Or, OMG, MCGONAGALL! I really like her too, actually! No killing the Mc-ster, Jo!!!!
I don't want Molly and Remus to die, but I have this gnawing... thing that makes me thing they might. I better be wrong. This is why I don't post this stuff. (um... maybe? I don't know. People will definately hook up, but the big M is all grown up and different and I sort of hope not, even thought I totally want H/G, R/Hr, and N/L to hook up in the book somewhere...)

I don't really want any of the good guys to die. Even annoying Dobby. And definately not Hagrid. I like him... The only reason I wouldn't want Draco to die is cause then there'd be a frillion more emo and awful H/D floating around (have I ever mentioned how much I dislike that pairing?) and it would mess with my fanon R/D. But oh well. If he goes, he goes. And a million fangirls will cry. Even though Draco is an ass. WHATEV.

I really do think Percy's gonna go. And it'll be all sad because he cut himself off from the family... very emotional. And it would actually make you feel for the git. And YOU'RE the one who brought up the killing of McG. I hope she's safe. That woman is hardcore awesome.
I can see Remus dying more than Molly. I just... don't know how well Ron would function on the Quest if his mum died, unless she dies later in the books, really near the end. (Yeah, even though I want people to hook up, I'm not really sure if I'm ready to hear about marriage. It's such a grown up thing. My ickle trio!! Even though, hmm... y'know, if JKR said Ron and Hermione got married and had many bushy redheaded babies and grew old together, the H/Hr's would never again be able to say their "divorce" thingy again! That argument always buggs me like maaad!)

I've always felt terrible for not liking Hagrid. But I don't. Dunno why. Still, I'd probably cry if he died. I'm sure JKR would write it beautifully.

Harry/Draco isn't really that popular, is it?! :X

And YOU'RE the one who brought up the killing of McG. Eeep– do you think I jinxed her?! (Why, yes, I am paranoid...)

She IS hardcore awesome. I became really attached to her without even realizing it. It wasn't until I was thinking about who would die that I realized she is one of my favorite adult characters.
How I think it would go is that Ron would be completely detached for a bit and then built into a rage and then he kicks some ass. I'n thinking first 3rd of the book. Maybe the DE ambush the wedding ever. x_x
I genrally dislike all H/Hr bull crap. And while I think it'd be nice to hear about Ron and Hermione having kids, it SOOO annoys me in fanon, cause they're all the same- some really smart little bushy/red headed girl. It's always a girl, I swear.

Hagrid would sort of have to have a great end. He was one of the first wizards we dealt with, you know?

Gosh, I hope not, haha. *hugs*

Awwwww. I've always liked her, but then in one of the few times the movies have affected my like of a character, they cast Maggie Smith whom I adore and she uses the "I could SOOOO kick your ass" McG accent and I love her.


August 4 2006, 14:12:26 UTC 10 years ago

I can see that happening. But I still hope she doesn't get it. And the wedding better not be attacked, after Harry's whole thing about how it's his "last golden day with Ron and Hermione". It'd be too sad...
Ha, yeah, the kids always seem to be a perfect mix of Ron and Hermione– bushy haired redheads, of course. They get the best of both of their parents– from what I've seen, they're always to be smart, but with Ron's sense of humour and Quidditch abilities.... And, yeah, there does seem to be a thing with them having girls. I dunno. I think Ginny might be the only Weasley girl for a while; though it'd kind of suck if none of the Weasleys had girls. Because we're so awesome, y'know?

Hagrid would probably take down a lot of people with him, like when the Ministry attacks him in OotP.

Maggie Smith is the shizznit. I've always thought she was one of the most perfectly cast people in the films.


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I really, really hope the trio makes it. And Ginny!
At this point the major death that'd kill me and, every fan that lives, is Remus. Seems like every other a major importance has died already. Remus is Harry's last dad-ish character.

But it's sad thinking about it! I don't really want anyone to die. No matter how important the death will be.
Aww, Remus. *cuddles* My favorite marauder. I don't want him to get the axe either! *wibbles in fear*

God, I may actually have a heart attack once I get book 7. I won't be able to open it. Imagine if she starts it off with a death. *wibbles some more*

Word. I don't really want anyone to die either. But, if the trio, Remus, McGonagall and the parental Weasleys live, I'll be okay.

It's not asking that much, is it...? :( Well, it actually is, I'm sure one of them will die. *emo-ness*
Thats how i read it too.

Let's hope so!
Y'know, I don't think she meant to let that slip, but she may have just told us the trio survive. *crosses fingers*