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Well. This sucks.

I was supposed to go to the beach for two days yesterday, but something weird happened to my leg. The back of my knee is really really really tender and one of the veins is sticking out a lot more than my veins usually do. I have to see the doctor tomorrow, even though I just saw her a week ago for my physical.

So, I'm stuck here – while I ought to be out swimming – not really allowed to do anything. I'm not even supposed to be on the computer because my mum – she comes up with strange theories – thinks it's from sitting in this chair too much. WTF?!

Anyway, enough whining. I hope all you guys are having good summers and aren't dying of the heat. As soon as I'm allowed to spend more time on the comp, I will be on the f-list, so expect lots of comments later.

ETA: Hi to new friends, BTW! :D
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