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It's Raining... Memes?

browneydweasley supplied my questions in the Interview Meme. And I have to say, that first one was pretty tough...

1. If you could interview, JKR, what 3 questions would you ask her?

* What is exactly is the Veil in the department of mysteries– what does it do/how does it work? (This is one of the most interesting objects in the whole HP universe, IMO, and I'm very very curious about it.)
* Do you feel that every character – or at least, major character – has been justly portrayed in the movies?
* Who in the trio will live and who will die? Are they all going to live? Please? (Meh, it's a crazy, desperate, spoiler-y question that she probably wouldn't answer, so sue me. I am very very afraid of the final book and would really like to just... know whether I'm going to be in mourning afterwards.)

2. Describe a dream you have had in the last three months.

This was a dream I had two weeks ago. I was at school and going to my drama class with Mr. P. when suddenly I realized it was the day of juries – aka, our final scenes that determine whether we move on to the next level – and I had totally forgotten about it. I didn't have my props with me, or my paper to hand in, and my partner was completely unprepared. I dashed around in a panic, borrowing a dress from my friend (who happens to be like half a foot shorter than me) and trying to get Nate to learn his lines. This was all in the space of five minutes because we were the first scene to go up. The dream ended when I was just about to throw up. It took me five minutes to remember that school was over and I had already done my juries, and got my results. Thank God.

3. Do you have a favorite musical?

Batboy. Really good memories of that. I worked as a builder on the set of my school's production of it, and it was a fantastic experience. Such fun. Also, the musical itself is very funny. It's a dark comedy.

4. Do you have a preference for white,milk, or dark chocolate?

I love dark chocolate and milk chocolate equally, but I hate white chocolate with a passion.

5. What musical intrument that you do not currently play would you like to learn?

Drums. That would be awesome.

That was fun, thanks browneydweasley!! :D Now, here's how it works: comment if you want to be interviewed, and post the answers in your LJ.

And, I was tagged by sixxynutter for the Ten Questions Meme, so here goes.

1) Whats your favorite word?
Well, it's in spanish: sueño. It means dream. I just really love how it sounds.

2) Whats your least favorite word?
Hmm... Dunno. Sorry.

3) What turns you on?
Well, I find odd, random things sexy; hands and collarbones. Also, people's smiles. Kindness. Vulnerability. Friendliness.

4) What turns you off?
Close-mindedness, racism, sexism, homophobia, arrogance, cruelty.

5) Favorite Sound?
It's a toss up between bird songs and running water (as in rivers, not just the tap.)

6) Least favorite sound?
Well, I have ridiculously sensitive ears, and the thing that really gets me cringing is pots being moved around on a stove.

7) Favorite Curse Word?
The f-word.

8) What profession would you most like to try?
Acting. Maybe writing.

9) What profession would you never want to try?

10) If heaven exsists, when you arrive at the pearly gates, what would you like God to say to you?
Aw, geeze. I have no idea.

I tag whoever wants to do the meme for this one.

And on a side note, anyone know what happened to heronmy_weasley / cutekeeper? Her journals have both deleted, :( I hope she's okay...
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